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Efficacy of piperazine dihydrochloride against Ascaris suum and Oesophagostomum species in naturally infected pigs
  1. P Steffan,
  2. F Olaechea,
  3. A Roepstorff,
  4. H Bjorn and
  5. P Nansen
  1. Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Frederiksberg c, Denmark.


A controlled trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of piperazine dihydrochloride in a new granular formulation (Ascarex D) against naturally occurring infections with Ascaris suum, Oesophagostomum dentatum and O quadrispinulatum. Treatment effects were estimated on the basis of parasites recoverable from the intestinal contents. Given orally at 200 mg per kg body weight the compound showed an efficacy of 99 to 100 per cent against A suum and the nodular worms. Egg excretion of the respective species was reduced by 98 per cent and 100 per cent six days after treatment. No adverse reactions were observed after the treatment.

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