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Haematological findings in budgerigars with megabacterium and Trichomonas infections associated with 'going light'
  1. GM Henderson,
  2. FM Gulland and
  3. CM Hawkey
  1. Department of Veterinary Science, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London.


Eighteen budgerigars with clinical signs of 'going light' were euthanased and examined post mortem; ingluvitis caused by Trichomonas gallinae infection was present in seven birds, proventriculitis associated with the presence of megabacteria in eight birds and in three birds both conditions were present. Haematological examinations of blood taken from the living birds showed that those with T gallinae infection had normal white cell counts whereas those in which megabacteria were present had significant leucocytosis and heterophilia. Some birds in both groups were anaemic. The findings suggest that infection with megabacteria may be responsible for a proportion of cases of 'going light' in budgerigars and that haematological examination can establish this diagnosis in living birds.

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