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Efficacy of flubendazole against gastrointestinal and lung nematodes in pigs
  1. O Vanparijs,
  2. L Hermans and
  3. R Marsboom
  1. Department of Parasitology, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse, Belgium.


Three trials were carried out on landrace pigs of various ages to assess the anthelmintic efficacy of flubendazole. The pigs were either artificially infected with Metastrongylus apri or naturally or artificially infected with the gastrointestinal nematodes Ascaris suum, Oesophagostomum dentatum or Hyostrongylus rubidus. For mass medication of young pigs and fatteners a dose regimen of 30 ppm flubendazole in the feed for 10 consecutive days was 100 per cent effective against the four nematode species. For individual medication a single dose of 5 mg/kg bodyweight administered in a small amount of feed was also 100 per cent effective. No side effects were observed.

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