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Anti-chlamydial immunity in ewes conferred by vaccination with a combination of three live chlamydia, brucella and salmonella vaccines
  1. A Souriau,
  2. N Bosseray,
  3. A Rodolakis,
  4. F Lantier and
  5. M Plommet
  1. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Station de Pathologie de la Reproduction, Nouzilly, France.


Live attenuated vaccines against Chlamydia psittaci var ovis, Brucella melitensis and Salmonella abortus ovis have previously been shown to be compatible in mice by subcutaneous administration. Immunity against challenge with virulent chlamydia was, however, slightly decreased in associations including the B melitensis Rev 1 vaccine. The chlamydia strain 1B vaccine was administered to four- to five-month-old female lambs, either alone or in combination with the B melitensis Rev1 and the S abortus ovis Rv6 vaccines. Clinical, serological and bacteriological observations demonstrated the compatibility of the three vaccines. Control, singly and triply vaccinated ewes were challenged with a virulent strain of chlamydia during their second pregnancy, 15 months after vaccination. Five of the 12 control ewes lambed normally and 10 of them were infected, as shown by the excretion of the challenge chlamydia in genital secretions. Sixteen of the 17 ewes in the triple vaccine group lambed normally and none was infected. All 12 in the single vaccine group lambed normally and three of the 12 were infected. In spite of this unusually poor protection by the single vaccine, antichlamydial immunity was clearly not decreased by the association with the two other vaccines.

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