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Reduction of radiocaesium absorption by sheep consuming feed contaminated with fallout from Chernobyl
  1. M Phillippo,
  2. S Gvozdanovic,
  3. D Gvozdanovic,
  4. JK Chesters,
  5. E Paterson and
  6. CF Mills
  1. Powett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen.


Two compounds, a zeolite, clinoptilolite, and a ferrocyanide, potassium hexacyanocobalt (II) ferrate (II), were found to be the most effective adsorbers of caesium in vitro. When used in vivo they significantly reduced the absorption of caesium by sheep fed contaminated herbage. These compounds did not alter the rate of excretion of pre-absorbed caesium, which varied with the time from cessation of contamination.

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