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Outbreaks of classical swine fever in Great Britain in 1986
  1. DR Williams and
  2. D Matthews
  1. Welsh Office Agriculture Department, Aberystwyth, Dyfed.


Classical swine fever was confirmed in 10 herds in Britain between April 10 and June 25, 1986 and typical acute disease was seen in nine of them. Serological evidence of exposure to classical swine fever virus was found in a further seven herds which, together with another nine, were slaughtered as dangerous contacts. Altogether 7781 pigs in 26 herds were slaughtered at a cost of 450,101 pounds for compensation alone. In order to detect subclinical disease, the majority of traced herds were blood sampled as well as inspected. A total of 119,169 pigs were inspected in 506 herds and 8302 blood samples were collected. Three primary outbreaks were identified, all attributed to the feeding of unprocessed waste food containing imported pig meat products. There was no spread of disease from two of these primary outbreaks.

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