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Absorption of neomycin from the equine uterus: effect of bacterial and chemical endometritis
  1. EH Boyd and
  2. WE Allen
  1. Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, Royal Veterinary College, North Mymms, Hertfordshire.


Plasma concentrations of neomycin were measured after intrauterine infusion of 3.3 mg/kg neomycin sulphate. Mares infected two hours previously with an intra-uterine infusion of beta-haemolytic streptococci absorbed approximately 12 per cent of the neomycin in both the oestrous and the luteal phases of the cycle. Normal mares in oestrus absorbed 6 per cent of the neomycin infused and luteal mares absorbed 56 per cent. In infected mares the peak plasma concentrations occurred two hours after neomycin infusion, earlier than in healthy mares. Cervical flushings after neomycin infusion in infected luteal mares revealed an increased reflux of neomycin when compared with healthy mares. Prior infusion of 30 ml of 10 per cent Lugol's iodine into the uterus resulted in 31 per cent of neomycin being absorbed by oestrous mares and 64 per cent by mares in the luteal phase. Peak plasma concentrations occurred 30 minutes after infusion in both phases. In the luteal phase the mares' absorption of neomycin may have been maximal.

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