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Vaginal rupture associated with herniation of abdominal viscera in pregnant ewes
  1. DC Knottenbelt
  1. Department of Clinical Veterinary Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Harare.


Seventeen cases of vaginal rupture with herniation of abdominal organs were examined. The injury consisted of a dorsal tear in the vagina and, most frequently, evisceration of the bowel. The tear was accompanied by extensive vaginal bleeding. Serum calcium concentrations were low in the affected cases and the concentrations of beta-hydroxybutyric acid and urea were high. The average age of the affected ewes was four years (range 3 to 6). They were generally in poor condition and carrying more than one fetus (2.7 lambs per ewe) although younger ewes and ewes in good condition were also affected. No primiparous ewes were affected. Ten of the 17 ewes were found dead and six were humanely destroyed; in one, the injury was repaired surgically but the ewe died 48 hours later.

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