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Incidence of indurative lymphocytic mastitis in a flock of sheep infected with maedi-visna virus
  1. DJ Houwers,
  2. JJ Pekelder,
  3. JW Akkermans,
  4. EJ van der Molen and
  5. BE Schreuder
  1. Central Veterinary Institute, Lelystad, the Netherlands.


Sheep in a flock in which 88 per cent of the ewes had antibodies to maedi-visna virus were clinically examined for udder induration during lactation and after drying off. On both occasions about half of the ewes had indurated udders. Histological examination revealed lymphocytic mastitis associated with maedi-visna virus infection, in the udders of six of 25 hoggs (24 per cent), 21 of 39 shearlings (53.8 per cent) and 42 of 67 ewes (62.7 per cent). Distinct lung lesions were found in 8 per cent of the hoggs, 12.5 per cent of the shearlings and 10 per cent of the ewes. The results of a clinical examination of dry udders were correlated with the histological findings.

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