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Vaccination to protect calves against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
  1. OC Straub and
  2. IC Mawhinney
  1. Bundesforschungsanstalt, Tubingen, Federal Republic of Germany.


A commercially available inactivated vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (BHV1) was tested to assess its ability to immunise young seronegative calves and protect them against challenge with a virulent strain of BHV1. Calves showed seroconversion after one or two doses of vaccine. A two-dose and three-dose vaccination regimen each afforded calves significant protection against challenge as judged by the development of clinical symptoms. Vaccinated calves were on average 7 to 10 kg heavier than control calves 24 days after challenge, a statistically significant difference. Vaccination had no significant effect on the virus excretion pattern after challenge.

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