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Haematology of clinically normal and abnormal captive llamas and guanacoes
  1. CM Hawkey and
  2. FM Gulland
  1. Department of Veterinary Science, Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park.


Blood counts of healthy juvenile and adult llamas (Lama glama) and guanacoes (L guanacoe) showed that guanacoes have higher red cell counts, haemoglobin values and packed cell volumes than llamas. In both species, the numbers of lymphocytes and platelets were higher in juveniles than in adults. By reference to the values found in normal animals, abnormal haematological variations were detected in a number of sick individuals. Neutrophilia, hyperfibrinogenaemia and a tendency to develop regenerative hypochromic anaemia were observed in animals with acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and hypochromic macrocytic anaemia occurred in animals with parasitic infections. Many individuals in which subclinical intestinal parasitic infections were suspected had relatively high eosinophil counts although their other haematological values were normal.

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