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Post mortem studies on infertile buffalo bulls: testicular histology
  1. M Ahmad,
  2. N Ahmad,
  3. M Anzar,
  4. IH Khan,
  5. M Latif and
  6. M Ahmad
  1. Department of Animal Reproduction, College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.


Testicular tissues of 22 buffalo bulls (Bubalus bubalis) which suffered from three types of infertility were examined histologically. Nine bulls with no sexual libido showed underdeveloped seminiferous tubules; five of them also had various forms of germinal tissue hypoplasia (bilaterally complete, partial or incomplete) and in the other four the seminiferous tubules showed developed layers of germinal epithelium but no complete spermiogenesis. Among 11 bulls which had always produced poor quality semen one suffered from incomplete bilateral testicular hypoplasia and two had simple testicular degeneration; five showed marked testicular degeneration associated with fibrosis of intertubular spaces, and in three there was intertubular fibrosis and tubular stasis. In two bulls in which the quality of semen had deteriorated one showed bilateral partial testicular hypoplasia and the other had bilateral testicular degeneration with unilateral intertubular fibrosis and tubular stasis.

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