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The use of two mixtures of ketamine and xylazine to immobilise free ranging Bennetts wallabies
  1. GC England and
  2. RA Kock
  1. Royal Veterinary College, North Mymms, Hatfield.


Two mixtures of ketamine and xylazine were evaluated as immobilising agents for the capture of free ranging Bennetts wallabies (Protemnodon rufogrisea). The wallabies were given either a dose of 150 mg ketamine and 187.5 mg xylazine (mixture 1), or a dose of 160 mg ketamine and 80 mg xylazine (mixture 2) by intramuscular injection using a projectile syringe. The quality of induction and immobilisation was similar with both mixtures, although immobilisation occurred more rapidly and lasted longer with mixture 1. Respiration was not depressed and blood gas levels were not significantly changed from normal. Bradycardia was produced but no other arrhythmias were recorded. There was a slight fall in mean arterial pressure. Cloacal temperature was not altered to a significant degree. Recovery was good in the unstimulated animal and no side effects were observed. Mixture 1 was preferred owing to its more rapid immobilising effect.

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