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Assessment of an oxfendazole pulsed release bolus for control of parasitic gastroenteritis in calves in a rotational grazing system
  1. GB Mitchell
  1. Veterinary Investigation Department, West of Scotland Agricultural College, Auchincruive, Ayr.


A group of 71 Friesian bullocks, aged six to nine months, vaccinated against lungworm, were randomly allocated on a liveweight basis to two groups of 40 and 31 animals. At turn-out each calf in the group of 40 calves was dosed orally with a pulsed release bolus designed to deliver five doses of oxfendazole at regular intervals during a period of up to 130 days, the first dose being released about 21 days after administration. The group treated with the bolus grazed 2.4 ha and the control group grazed 3.6 ha of permanent pasture for six weeks before having additional access to similar areas of silage aftermath. The control group was treated 99 days after turn-out and when they were housed with fenbendazole (7.5 mg/kg). Faecal worm egg counts, plasma pepsinogen activities, pasture larval counts and liveweights were recorded fortnightly. Significant reductions in worm egg counts and plasma pepsinogen activities were recorded in the calves dosed with the pulsed release bolus together with significant improvements in the liveweight of younger calves compared with control animals. Pasture larval counts were lower in the fields grazed by animals treated with the bolus.

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