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Penicillin therapy of spontaneous streptococcal meningitis in pigs
  1. QA McKellar,
  2. P Baxter,
  3. D Taylor and
  4. JA Bogan
  1. Department of Veterinary Pharmacology, University of Glasgow Veterinary School, Bearsden.


Oral prophylactic medication with either procaine penicillin G or a mixture of chlortetracycline, sulphadimidine and procaine penicillin G reduced the incidence of streptococcal meningitis in a herd of pigs with a high recorded prevalence of the disease, but to a significant extent (P less than 0.01) only in those pigs receiving procaine penicillin G. Subsequent studies showed that after oral administration of procaine penicillin G, benzylpenicillin was detectable in plasma only at very low concentration and similar results were obtained using the potassium salt of penicillin G. However, phenoxymethyl penicillin administered orally provided high plasma concentrations of this drug. A further investigation demonstrated that despite the low plasma concentrations of penicillin after oral administration of the procaine salt, gastrointestinal and urinary concentrations of the drug were relatively high for up to five hours.

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