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Scrapie associated fibrils in the diagnosis of scrapie in sheep
  1. PH Gibson,
  2. RA Somerville,
  3. H Fraser,
  4. JD Foster and
  5. RH Kimberlin


Previous research has consistently demonstrated by electron microscopy the presence of scrapie associated fibrils in brain extracts prepared from mice and hamsters with clinical signs of experimental scrapie. In the present study similar fibrils were seen in all the brain extracts prepared from 11 Cheviot or Suffolk sheep with natural or experimental scrapie that had been diagnosed clinically and confirmed neuropathologically. They were not found in the brain extracts of nine sheep that did not have scrapie and which included four that had been injected with infected material but did not develop the disease. The presence of such fibrils can therefore be used as an additional diagnostic criterion for natural scrapie in sheep.

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