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A study of 31 cases of gastric carcinoma in dogs
  1. M Sullivan,
  2. R Lee,
  3. EW Fisher,
  4. AS Nash and
  5. IA McCandlish


Over a five year period 31 dogs were diagnosed as having advanced gastric carcinoma. The most frequent clinical features were vomiting, polydipsia and weight loss. A predisposition to the tumour was found in the rough collie and Staffordshire bull terrier. In 18 dogs the main finding endoscopically was a large deep ulcer with thickened, irregular rims and walls. Fluoroscopically a marked irregularity of the mucosal surface was noted in 10 dogs. Pathologically, large ulcers with thickening of the stomach wall and involvement of the serosal lymphatics were evident in 17 dogs, and similar ulcers with involvement of the gastric lymph nodes were evident in 18 dogs.

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