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Recognition of 'trembler', a hypomyelinating condition in the Bernese mountain dog
  1. AC Palmer,
  2. WF Blakemore,
  3. ME Wallace,
  4. MK Wilkes,
  5. ME Herrtage and
  6. SE Matic


An account is given of a hypomyelinating condition, 'trembler', in the Bernese mountain dog. The condition is manifested clinically as a tremor of the limbs and head which becomes more intense with excitement or stress and which disappears with sleep. The tremor, which is first noticeable between two and eight weeks old, may persist throughout life but decline with age. Examination of plastic embedded tissue obtained post mortem from two, nine-week-old animals showed hypomyelination of the spinal cord. Preliminary examination of breeding data suggests that the condition may be inherited as an autosomal recessive.

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