Veterinary Record 120:517-522 doi:10.1136/vr.120.22.517
  • Papers & Articles

Development of equine models of inflammation. The Ciba-Geigy Prize for Research in Animal Health

  1. AD Sedgwick
  1. Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, Suffolk.


Two experimental models of acute non-immune inflammation have been developed to enable studies of the biochemical composition and cellular content of exudates to be undertaken. Both are based on the creation of a mild, reproducible and reversible inflammatory reaction, which is free from uncontrolled incidental factors and which causes minimal distress to the experimental animals. The polyester sponge model involves the insertion of small polyester sponge strips soaked in sterile carrageenan solution into subcutaneous neck pouches and their serial removal. The tissue-cage model is based on the initial insertion of a spherical tissue-cage subcutaneously in the neck and the subsequent stimulation with carrageenan of the granulation tissue which lines and permeates the cage. The acute inflammatory exudates have been shown to contain eicosanoids with prostaglandin E2 predominant. Polymorphonuclear leucocyte numbers increased progressively in the polyester sponge model, whereas cell numbers were maximal at 12 hours in the tissue-cage model. The relationships between eicosanoid formation at the site of inflammation and leucocyte accumulation, enzyme release, total protein content of exudates and the temperature of the lesions have been investigated.

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