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Reticulo-omasal stenosis in the cow: differential diagnosis with respect to pyloric stenosis
  1. R Kuiper and
  2. HJ Breukink


In the complex called vagal indigestion two main types of stenosis can be distinguished, pyloric stenosis and stenosis between the reticulum and omasum or reticulo-omasal stenosis. Laboratory examinations of blood and rumen fluid were carried out in 10 cows with reticulo-omasal stenosis. The results are discussed with respect to the differential diagnoses of pyloric stenosis. In the cows with reticulo-omasal stenosis no metabolic alkalosis occurred and consequently dehydration and uraemia did not develop. For the clinician valuable points of difference were a more prolonged and chronic course and, on physical examination, the absence of serious circulatory disturbances and the absence of an ammoniacal-uraemic odour in the expired air. The clinical picture of reticulo-omasal stenosis strongly resembles a syndrome described as failure of omasal transport.

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