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Acute myopathy in horses at grass in east and south east Scotland
  1. BD Hosie,
  2. PW Gould,
  3. AR Hunter,
  4. JC Low,
  5. R Munro and
  6. HC Wilson


A myopathy of horses at grass in east and south east Scotland was recognised in the autumn and winter of 1984 and the spring of 1985. The clinical signs resembled those of paralytic myoglobinuria. Grossly increased creatine kinase activities and the passage of dark brown urine were consistent features. However, the horses were not in training, most of them died and the muscles affected were those of posture and respiration rather than movement. The condition may be unrelated to nutritional myopathy because all the cases had adequate levels of alpha-tocopherol although their selenium status varied from normal to deficient. The clinical and pathological findings in 12 cases are presented and the differential diagnosis and possible aetiologies discussed.

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