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Selenium supplementation in lambs: effects on antibody responses to a salmonella vaccine
  1. JM Finch and
  2. RJ Turner


In trials conducted in 1984 and 1985, the effects of selenium injections on the antibody responses of lambs marginally deficient in selenium to Salmonella dublin were assessed. Control lambs (mean glutathione peroxidase [GSHPx] less than 20 iu/ml) responded well to the vaccine. No difference was observed in the antibody titres of animals treated twice with 5 mg selenium as sodium selenate. During the following season animals given 50 mg selenium as barium selenate showed slightly higher titres than controls. The results show that marginally selenium deficient lambs are able to elicit strong antibody titres to a bacterial antigen and that supplementation with selenium produces, at best, a marginal enhancement of the responses observed.

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