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Three cases of transitional cell carcinoma in the cat and a review of the literature
  1. MJ Brearley,
  2. C Thatcher and
  3. JE Cooper


Only 47 cases of urinary bladder neoplasia have been reported in the cat. In this paper a further three are presented. They were received as post mortem specimens and were examined both macroscopically and microscopically. All three were transitional cell carcinomas, with squamous metaplasia in two. Dysplastic urothelial changes were a feature of two of the three tumours and one of these also showed two separate centres of malignancy. Various features of the three cases are discussed and attention is drawn to their possible aetiological significance. The authors suggest that the prevalence of transitional cell carcinoma in the cat may be greater than has hitherto been believed.

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