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Use of a new and rapid milk progesterone assay to monitor reproductive activity in the cow
  1. CJ Stanley,
  2. F Paris,
  3. AE Webb,
  4. RB Heap,
  5. ST Ellis,
  6. M Hamon,
  7. A Worsfold and
  8. JM Booth


A new and rapid enzyme-amplified immunoassay (AELIA) has been developed for the measurement of progesterone in milk. The AELIA system is a non-isotopic method that gives results within 35 minutes. Milk progesterone concentrations measured in 10 cows sampled daily at various stages of the reproductive cycle were very similar to those recorded by a validated radioimmunoassay. The results show that the speed and sensitivity of the AELIA system would make it possible to diagnose pregnancy rapidly at about 24 days after insemination, to predict the onset of behavioural oestrus from decreasing progesterone values during the third week after a preceding oestrus, and to obtain a daily record of milk progesterone levels in animals treated for infertility of ovarian origin.

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