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Caprine beta-mannosidosis: phenotypic features
  1. K Kumar,
  2. MZ Jones,
  3. JG Cunningham,
  4. JA Kelley and
  5. KL Lovell


The clinical features of caprine beta-mannosidosis were evaluated in 10 newborn goats, one stillborn goat and one goat fetus. The phenotypic abnormalities observed in all 10 live affected animals included an inability to rise from a recumbent position, moderate to marked intention tremor, eye movements resembling pendular nystagmus, clinical deafness, bilateral Horner's syndrome, carpal contractures, pastern joint hyperextension, thickened skin and to a varying degree, a dome-shaped skull. Subjective evaluation suggested that most animals had a decreased muscle mass. Together, these characteristics represent a common phenotype which is expressed at birth in caprine beta-mannosidosis.

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