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Isolation of leptospires from the genital tract and kidneys of aborted sows
  1. WA Ellis,
  2. PJ McParland,
  3. DG Bryson,
  4. AB Thiermann and
  5. J Montgomery


Twenty sows were examined as part of an investigation into the relative importance of the genital and urinary tracts as sites of leptospiral persistence in pigs. The sows had previously either aborted leptospire-infected fetuses or aborted on farms where leptospire infection had been demonstrated in other litters. Leptospires belonging to the Australis serogroup were recovered from the upper genital tract of all the sows. In contrast, leptospires were only recovered from 75 per cent of their kidneys. Isolates from 10 of the sows were identified to serovar level: six were serovar muenchen and four were bratislava. Persistence was observed in renal and genital tissues for up to 147 days after abortion.

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