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Massive obstructive urolithiasis in a bull used for artificial insemination
  1. JS Ogaa,
  2. GJ Agumbah,
  3. JH Patel,
  4. S Kiere and
  5. JL Mwangi


A seven-year-old Jersey bull used for artificial insemination showed clinical signs of obstructive urolithiasis. This was confirmed by catheterisation and subsequent urethrotomy over the site of obstruction distal to the sigmoid flexure. Although urine flow was elicited after removal of the calculi, this was only temporary and the animal had to be killed 24 hours later. On post mortem examination about 2 kg of round, smooth, pearl-like calculi were found in the urinary bladder and the urethra of the sigmoid flexure was studded with similar calculi. It was concluded that urethrotomy at the sigmoid flexure or penectomy post scrotally would not have alleviated this condition.

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