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Pasteurella species isolated from the bovine respiratory tract and their antimicrobial sensitivity patterns
  1. EM Allan,
  2. A Wiseman,
  3. HA Gibbs and
  4. IE Selman


Pasteurella haemolytica biotype A, serotype 1 (P haemolytica A1) was the most commonly isolated Pasteurella species from 80 calves examined at necropsy from 40 outbreaks of respiratory disease, the majority of which were pathologically confirmed as bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis (transit fever; shipping fever). Similarly, nasopharyngeal swabs from in-contact and apparently healthy calves indicated the widespread presence of P haemolytica A1. Pasteurella multocida and other serotypes of P haemolytica A1 were found including six isolations of P haemolytica T10, a fairly common pathogen in sheep. Approximately two-thirds of the isolates were tested for their antimicrobial sensitivity patterns and the degree of sensitivity for P haemolytica A1, the most frequently isolated serotype, was chloramphenicol (100 per cent), sulphamethoxazole trimethoprim (98 per cent), oxytetracycline (80 per cent), ampicillin (85 per cent), penicillin (82 per cent), streptomycin (3 per cent) and lincomycin (1 per cent).

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