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Influence of vaccination on Aujeszky's disease virus and disease transmission
  1. AI Donaldson,
  2. RC Wardley,
  3. S Martin and
  4. JW Harkness


Parenteral vaccination of fattening pigs with either modified live or inactivated Aujeszky's disease virus did not prevent infection with field strain virus or the development of clinical disease. The duration and severity of the clinical syndrome was, however, reduced and vaccinated pigs did not suffer the severe weight loss and high mortality experienced by non-vaccinated pigs in the acute phase of disease. The range of tissues in which challenge virus replication took place was more restricted in vaccinated animals and the concentration of virus in infected tissues was reduced. Vaccination shortened the duration of field virus excretion and carriage in the tonsil. Replication of modified live vaccine virus was restricted to the site of inoculation in the neck and associated lymph nodes for two days after vaccination and it was not excreted by vaccinated pigs. Attempts to infect pigs by feeding them tissues taken from non-vaccinated or vaccinated pigs soon after challenge infection were unsuccessful.

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