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Papillomas of the teats and udder of cattle and their causal viruses
  1. I Lindholm,
  2. J Murphy,
  3. BW O'Neil,
  4. MS Campo and
  5. WF Jarrett


An abattoir survey was carried out on 1657 cattle to determine the incidence and parameters of teat and udder papillomas and their causal viruses. Recent research has characterised six different bovine papillomaviruses of which three have been found to be particularly associated with teat tumours. Of the population studied 37.3 per cent had teat warts and 86.2 per cent of these had multiple infections; 28.4 per cent had papillomas attributed to bovine papillomavirus 1, 88.5 per cent to bovine papillomavirus 5 and 92.3 per cent to bovine papillomavirus 6. There was no predilection site between teats. Herefords and their crosses dominated the breed incidence and showed the highest numbers of warts but it was not possible to make a realistic comparison with other breeds. Dairy cattle were poorly represented. Bovine papillomavirus 4 was never found and from this it was concluded that there is no association between alimentary and teat papillomas. The implications of these findings in terms of prophylaxis and control are discussed.

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