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Water intake of weaned piglets from three to seven weeks old
  1. PH Brooks,
  2. SJ Russell and
  3. JL Carpenter


One hundred and two large white cross landrace piglets weaned at 21 (+/- 1) days old were randomly allocated to one of two commercial early weaning diets for a four week growth trial. The piglets were housed in groups of between six and 10. After initial moderate restriction the piglets were fed ad libitum. Food intakes and weight gains were recorded weekly. Water consumption of individual pens of piglets was recorded daily. Dietary treatment had no significant effect on mean daily feed intake, daily liveweight gain or food conversion ratio. The relationship between water and food intake, piglet weight and daily gain was examined using regression and multiple regression analyses. Water intake was related to all these parameters, with daily feed intake being the best single predictor of water intake. The relationship was described by the equation: water intake (litres/day) = 0.149 + 3.053 feed intake (kg/day).

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