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Quantitative evaluation of a transport-enrichment medium for Campylobacter fetus
  1. MM Garcia,
  2. RB Stewart and
  3. GM Ruckerbauer


The enrichment feature of a selective serum-based transport medium for Campylobacter fetus was quantitatively examined. Preputial samples from artificial insemination bulls were spiked with known numbers of C fetus strains and inoculated into transport-enrichment medium (TEM). The survival and multiplication of these strains in TEM under different incubation periods and temperatures were assessed by plate counts. Mean enrichment values of 3.72 log and 4.42 log were observed after incubation at 37 degrees C for two and four days, respectively. There was no significant difference in the enrichment values between the C fetus subspecies venerealis strains and a C fetus subspecies fetus strain. Incubation of inoculated TEM vials at room temperature for up to two days neither improved the growth of C fetus nor affected its subsequent enrichment when the vials were reincubated at 37 degrees C. Comparison of the survival of C fetus with and without the use of TEM under simulated transport conditions demonstrated the superiority of TEM.

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