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Effects of oxytocin on placental retention following dystocia
  1. GJ Hickey,
  2. ME White,
  3. RP Wickenden and
  4. DA Armstrong


A double blind randomised clinical trial was performed to assess the effects of oxytocin on the duration of placental retention following dystocia. If the placenta remained attached to the uterus immediately following assisted delivery of a calf, and was not expelled in the period taken to complete the protocol, an intramuscular injection of either 3 ml (60 USP units) of oxytocin or 3 ml of 0.9 per cent physiological saline was given to the cow. Each farmer was asked to observe the cow to determine the time of placental expulsion. In 55 cases available for analysis there was no significant difference between the treatment and control groups for percentage of placental retention at days 1, 2 or 3 post partum.

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