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Prevalence of anthelmintic resistant nematodes in sheep in south-east England
  1. RJ Cawthorne and
  2. FH Cheong


The prevalence of anthelmintic resistant nematodes among 52 commercial flocks in south-east England was investigated by comparing the faecal egg counts of groups of lambs before, and seven days after, treatment with thiabendazole and levamisole. Evidence of thiabendazole resistance was found on seven farms. in each case Haemonchus contortus was the only species of nematode involved. In vitro egg hatch assays carried out for isolates from these farms gave ED50 estimates of 0.065 to 0.332 micrograms thiabendazole/ml compared with estimates of 0.027 to 0.031 micrograms thiabendazole/ml for a known susceptible strain of H contortus assayed at the same time. In a series of slaughter trials, there was a 17 to 85 per cent reduction, as compared with controls, in the mean worm burdens of groups of lambs infected with these isolates and killed seven days after treatment with thiabendazole, confirming their resistance to this anthelmintic.

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