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Serological response of cattle to simultaneous vaccinations against foot-and-mouth disease and haemorrhagic septicaemia
  1. PG Joseph and
  2. RS Hedger


In Malaysia, where vaccination campaigns against foot-and-mouth disease and haemorrhagic septicaemia are routinely carried out, it was desirable to determine whether it was safe and efficacious to administer both vaccines simultaneously. A trial group of 104 cattle was divided into three groups; group 1 animals received both vaccines simultaneously, group 2 animals received only foot-and-mouth disease vaccine and group 3 animals received only haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccine. The serological response to vaccinations was monitored at 0, 21 and 35 days by the virus neutralisation test for foot-and-mouth disease and the mouse-protection and indirect haemagglutination tests for haemorrhagic septicaemia. The simultaneous administration of the two inactivated vaccines produced no adverse effects and the serological response did not differ from the response to either vaccine given separately, thus indicating that cattle may be safely and effectively vaccinated simultaneously in this way.

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