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Paramyxovirus type 1 infections of racing pigeons: 1 characterisation of isolated viruses
  1. DJ Alexander,
  2. PH Russell and
  3. MS Collins


Viruses isolated from field outbreaks of disease in racing pigeons in continental Europe and Great Britain were shown to be identical by serological tests using conventional chicken antisera and mouse monoclonal antibodies. The pigeon viruses showed high levels of cross-reaction to Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in haemagglutination inhibition tests and Madin-Darby bovine kidney cells infected with pigeon virus isolates bound three out of nine mouse monoclonal antibodies prepared against NDV Ulster 2C. These results confirm their classification in the paramyxovirus type 1 serotype of avian paramyxoviruses. However, the pigeon viruses could be distinguished from more classical paramyxovirus type 1 viruses by the significantly different titres obtained in haemagglutination inhibition tests, the failure of mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against the HN1 epitope of NDV Ulster 2C to inhibit their haemagglutinating activity and a unique binding pattern seen with the nine mouse monoclonal antibodies.

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