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Development of a combined clostridial and Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine for sheep
  1. PW Wells,
  2. JT Robinson,
  3. NJ Gilmour,
  4. W Donachie and
  5. JM Sharp


The efficacy of a multicomponent clostridial vaccine containing Pasteurella haemolytica antigens was tested in specific pathogen free or conventionally reared lambs exposed to experimental infection with P haemolytica serotypes A1, A2 or A6. In four experiments assessment was based upon the findings of clinical, pathological and bacteriological examinations. Three experiments carried out in conventionally reared lambs demonstrated protection against challenge infection with P haemolytica serotypes A1, A2 and A6 in vaccinated lambs. However, the inconsistency of the disease induced in these experiments emphasised the need to perform definitive studies in specific pathogen free conditions. The final experiment was carried out with specific pathogen free lambs and confirmed the efficacy of the multicomponent clostridial vaccine containing P haemolytica antigen in protecting against the effects of infection with P haemolytica serotype A6. In addition, this experiment indicated that the inclusion of several components in a vaccine did not affect the efficacy of an individual antigenic component.

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