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Abomasal impaction in sheep
  1. EE Kline,
  2. JR Meyer,
  3. DR Nelson and
  4. MA Memon


Abomasal engorgement was diagnosed in five Suffolk rams and one Suffolk ewe. All sheep had poor or no appetite for between seven days and five months duration. They were depressed, thin and weak. Rectal temperature and respiration rates were within the normal range. Pulse rate was increased (97.6 +/- 11.55/minute, mean +/- se). A distended abdomen was present and, or, a firm mass was ballotted or palpated in the lower right abdomen. Rumen motility was increased and contractions were strong. Laparotomy revealed enlarged abomasums in four sheep. Enlarged abomasums were found at necropsy in two sheep. Abomasal contents resembled rumen ingesta in character and odour. Removal of ingesta by abomasotomy produced temporary improvement in three rams for six to 12 weeks. All six sheep died or were euthanased.

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