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Abattoir survey of bovine kidney disease
  1. ML Monaghan and
  2. J Hannan


A survey of the prevalence and type of renal disease was carried out at a Dublin abattoir in 1979-80. Of 4166 cattle surveyed, 173 (4.2 per cent) had kidneys rejected for gross abnormalities. The rejection rate was 7.7, 1.7, 2.2 and 28 per cent for cows, bullocks, heifers and bulls, respectively. The most common reason for rejection was focal interstitial nephritis (60.1 per cent of rejected kidneys). Other lesions included cysts (26.0 per cent), pigmentation (6.4 per cent), pyelonephritis (3.5 per cent), amyloidosis (2.9 per cent), glomerulonephritis (0.6 per cent), renal atrophy (0.6 per cent) and agonal haemorrhage.

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