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Serological survey of ruminant livestock in some countries of the Caribbean region and South America for antibody to bluetongue virus
  1. EP Gibbs,
  2. EC Greiner,
  3. FC Alexander,
  4. TH King and
  5. CJ Roach


A serological survey of 6250 sera from cattle, sheep and goats in seven Caribbean and two South American countries showed that antibody to bluetongue virus was widely distributed in each species throughout the survey area. Overall prevalences of antibody were 70 per cent in cattle, 67 per cent in sheep and 76 per cent in goats as assessed by an immunodiffusion test. Within countries the percentage prevalences were Jamaica 77, St Kitts/Nevis 70, Antigua 76, St Lucia 82, Barbados 61, Grenada 88, Trinidad and Tobago 79, Guyana 52 and Surinam 84. No clinical cases of bluetongue have been confirmed in the area surveyed and there are no virus isolates available to indicate which serotype(s) of virus is/are causing the infection(s).

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