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Treatment of immature and mature Fasciola hepatica infections in sheep with triclabendazole
  1. JC Boray,
  2. PD Crowfoot,
  3. MB Strong,
  4. JR Allison,
  5. M Schellenbaum,
  6. M Von Orelli and
  7. G Sarasin


A new benzimidazole anthelmintic, triclabendazole (CGA-89317) was found to be highly efficient against mature and early immature Fasciola hepatica infections in sheep. At the dose rate of 2.5 mg/kg the efficiency was 90 and 98 per cent against flukes aged eight and 12 weeks respectively. At 5 mg/kg the drug was 92 and 98 per cent efficient against flukes aged four and eight weeks respectively and 100 per cent against 12-week-old flukes. An efficiency of 93 and 98 per cent was achieved against one-week-old flukes and 99 to 100 per cent against flukes aged two to four weeks at 10 mg/kg. At this dose rate the drug had 100 per cent efficiency against six-week-old flukes. If the dose was increased to 15 mg/kg, 98 per cent efficiency was achieved one day after infection. Triclabendazole was equally efficient when administered orally or by intraruminal or intra-abomasal injection. The maximum tolerated dose of 200 mg/kg was established.

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