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Use of COSREEL, a computerised recording system, for herd health management of two dairy herds
  1. S Lucey,
  2. GJ Rowlands,
  3. AM Russell,
  4. SR Foster,
  5. BT Wicks,
  6. ST Parsons and
  7. PM Stimpson


COSREEL, a computerised animal health recording system, has been used since October 1980 by two agricultural colleges for the management of their dairy herds. Each college and the veterinary practice which served the college has had its own typewriter terminal connected to a remote computer. Management and milk data have been coded and entered at the college and clinical data at the veterinary practice. An average of just over one management and veterinary event per week has been coded for every three cows in milk. Error rates were on average 11 per cent by one pair of users and 4 per cent by the other pair. COSREEL has provided a valuable aid to the management of the health of the two herds, and the regular use of pregnancy diagnosis, infertility investigation and oestrus detection action lists resulted in a considerable improvement in herd fertility at the two colleges.

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