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Slaughter of deer
  1. GA Sharman


Deer farming in the British Isles is in its infancy but the industry is growing. Deer farmers retail their own venison from the farm having shot individual deer at close range as they graze. Although the method of killing is effective, humane and does not alarm the other deer, it is primitive. It is essential that as the industry expands, the normal retail channels used by the producers of other livestock be opened to deer farmers by means of appropriate legislation. Research into the special needs in slaughterhouses for deer is being undertaken, particularly in the lairage and devising a safe humane means of delivery to the point of slaughter. At the slaughter unit on Glensaugh experimental deer farm, a captive bolt pistol is used in a specially designed stunning pen. The carcases are prepared for sale in skin to the game trade, but environmental conditions are unsuitable for preparation of red meat for sale. However in-skin carcases have been transferred later to the red meat trade and prepared as boned out convenience packs.

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