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Partial abortion associated with genital Escherichia coli infection in a bitch
  1. C Linde


A five-and-a-half weeks pregnant Airedale terrier with a genital haemorrhage was presented. It had a history of oestrous irregularities. It was found to be anaemic and Escherichia coli was isolated from vaginal swabs. Oestradiol and progesterone levels were normal. Two fetuses were aborted on day 41 of gestation. Antibiotic treatment was given. The haemorrhage ceased but on day 61 an abnormal vaginal discharge was seen. A caesarean operation was performed from which resulted three dead and two live fetuses, which died within two days. E coli was isolated from the uterine content, although the bitch was still receiving antibiotics; it was also still anaemic. It is probable that the haemorrhage was caused by an endotoxin produced by the E coli. The anaemia in the bitch did not improve the chances of fetal survival.

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