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Transfer of embryos from bovine leukaemia virus-infected cattle to uninfected recipients: preliminary results
  1. MD Eaglesome,
  2. D Mitchell,
  3. KJ Betteridge,
  4. GC Randall,
  5. EL Singh,
  6. BS Samagh and
  7. WC Hare


One hundred and fifty-one, day 6 or 7, embryos collected from cattle infected with bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) were transferred to uninfected recipients. Thirty-two pregnancies resulted. Two animals aborted at seven months. Three sets of twins and one single calf were still-born. The remaining 26 pregnancies produced 27 live calves which were raised to six months of age. All of the recipients, pregnant and non-pregnant, and all of the calves remained serologically negative for antibodies to BLV-glycoprotein antigen.

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