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Effect of oxytetracycline therapy on experimentally induced pneumonic pasteurellosis in lambs
  1. NJ Gilmour,
  2. JM Sharp and
  3. JS Gilmour


Two groups of 10, specific pathogen free lambs were injected with a long acting oxytetracycline preparation at a dose rate of 20 mg/kg either 24 hours before or 24 hours after exposure to an aerosol of Pasteurella haemolytica. When compared with the response of similarly infected but untreated lambs, the effect of pretreatment was to postpone the appearance of clinical signs of pneumonia for four days and the deaths of five lambs for five to six days post infection, by which time seven untreated lambs had died. Treatment 24 hours after infection caused a rapid clinical recovery which persisted until six days after infection but two treated lambs died seven days after infection. Lung lesions in the group treated after infection were significantly less extensive than those in the untreated lambs.

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