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Evaluation of autofluorescence as an aid to diagnosis of cerebrocortical necrosis
  1. LM Markson and
  2. GA Wells


A series of brains from sheep, cattle, goats and pigs was examined histopathologically and illuminated by ultraviolet light to test the specificity of autofluorescence in the diagnosis of cerebrocortical necrosis. Fluorescence was seen in only four cases of porcine encephalopathy. In the ruminant brains it occurred in seven out of eight cases of cerebral oedema of lambs; otherwise it was confined to cases of cerebrocortical necrosis, although a few false negative cases were encountered. Ovine cerebral oedema is a disease of unweaned lambs which is unlikely to be confused with cerebrocortical necrosis. Thus bright cerebrocortical autofluorescence in a naturally occurring disease of cattle, sheep and goats is a likely indicator of cerebrocortical necrosis; however, a small proportion of cases will escape detection by this method.

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