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Surgical stabilisation of the stifle in cranial cruciate ligament injury in cattle
  1. DR Nelson and
  2. DB Koch


Surgical stabilisation of cranial cruciate ligament injury was performed on 23 stifles in 22 dairy cattle ranging in age from 11 months to 14 years. Duration of time from injury until surgery varied from two days to three years. A row of Lembert sutures was placed in both the lateral and medial retinacular tissues. In addition, an imbrication suture was placed from the lateral femorotibial ligament to the lateral or middle patellar ligament in five cattle. External support was used in 15 cattle in the form of a modified Robert Jones/Thomas-Schroeder splint. Thirteen cattle improved markedly, four recovered completely and three improved moderately. Surgery was unsuccessful on seven cases. When surgery was unsuccessful, moderate to severe lesions of degenerative joint disease were usually present.

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