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Technique for liver biopsy in the dromedary camel
  1. TJ Bucci,
  2. BA Botros and
  3. JF Gaines


A technique for needle liver biopsy in camels was developed. Xylazine, 15 mg/100 kg intravenously, was used for sedation and analgesia. A 1.2 mm X 7 cm Menghini needle was introduced anteroventrally through the ninth right intercostal space, 1 cm caudal to the ninth rib and 2 cm dorsal to the costal cartilage. The needle was directed toward the contralateral olecranon with the camel in sternal recumbency. A core of liver tissue between 1 and 2 cm long was obtained from 99 of 120 attempts in 23 animals. There were no adverse effects from the procedure and histological preservation of the tissue was excellent.

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