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Treatment of Trichuris suis infections in pigs with flubendazole
  1. D Thienpont,
  2. O Vanparijs,
  3. L Hermans and
  4. P De Roose


A severe outbreak of Trichuris suis infection in piglets is described. Fifteen per cent of the animals died and the morbidity, characterised by weight loss and diarrhoea, was over 50 per cent. The severity of symptoms observed in naturally infected pigs was related to the number of whipworms. A chemotherapeutic trial was worked out with flubendazole mixed in food for naturally infected and artificially infected piglets. Flubendazole at 30 ppm for five consecutive days controlled the infection in the pigs. Immature T suis in artificially infected pigs were also controlled at the same dose administered for 10 consecutive days.

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